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Shannon Williams (A happy parent)

“I am the mother of three children. I struggled with homeschooling my children when the schools shut down. My eldest son really lacked math foundational knowledge, but I could not help him. His lack of practice was too much to handle, which led to frustration. I understood my child needed help and encouragement to get better at math. That was when I signed my son up for a personalized 1:1 class. I am completely over the moon to see the progress he is making. Now my son loves math and understands the concepts better with real professional help. I have 99 other problems, but teaching my son math isn’t one of them LOLl! I am rooting for this quick-fix ... Parents go for it!!”


Abigail Philips (Tutor)

“FEV Tutor initiative has made my tutoring easier by canceling redundant tasks. I am fully productive and can offer more to my students in the areas where they actually need help. I interact with my students on a live medium and get an opportunity to understand their real problems with the subjects. The interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, and I get around-the-clock technical assistance. I can keep track of my students’ performance easily and can pull reports just like that. I see students getting better at their subjects at their own pace without any tight deadlines. I am really happy to be a part of a solution system that actually transforms students.”


Anderson (Parent)

“I highly recommend this kind of tutoring solution on the market. I see my daughter getting better at her assessments. I get progress updates every week via email. I know exactly what my daughter is doing in front of the computer. She enjoys her study time with her personalized tutor. This tutoring option is so flexible, my wife and I schedule classes as per our daughter's convenience. It acts as an extension of her school and she can learn anywhere at any time. This is worth every penny. My daughter cheerfully says that her grades are lit!”


Mathematics Instructional Specialist

“A teacher can’t be at every desk. It frees the teacher to pull an individual student while the rest are engaged.”


Tom Kulesa, John Wiley and Sons Publishers

“I have had the opportunity to work with Vik on a number of different projects- all focused on evolving text-based learning content toward digital learning platforms. Consistently, Vik has presented me with stunningly creative strategies, fresh, dynamic and engaging presentation styles, all the time maintaining the pedagogical integrity of the content. With each new project I present to Vik, I’m amazed at the ideas he brings to the table. Vik and his team are true innovators. I recommend him highly”


Director of Teacher Support

“With our quarterly benchmarking, we were able to see a marked improvement in students who attended at least 80% of their tutoring sessions”

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