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FEV Tutor is one of our award-winning flagship products designed to offer virtual 1:1 tutoring services at home for students with real-time professional tutors. It is an engaging web-based platform for learners to thrive in any kind of environment without any disruption. We work with students anywhere at their convenience, during school or at home. FEV Tutor makes tutoring outside of school possible through its flexible instructional models that act as an extension of the core classroom curriculum. We partner with schools and administration departments to achieve this cause. Through our dedicated 'family and student engagement team', we collaborate with schools and district partners to reach out to parents and students on their behalf and build awareness about this tutoring solution. FEV Tutor acts as a school-sponsored 1:1 tutoring solution that helps and empowers both the tutors and the students.

Our team takes care of every process, from scheduling a class, planning a course design, tutoring, tracking the reports, to communicating with parents, teachers, and administrators. We monitor students' progress weekly and update it with teachers and parents through email alerts. Schools can partner with us and launch home tutoring solutions at their schools in 24-48hours just by talking with our academic success coach. With FEV Tutor, schools need not worry about shutdowns anymore; rather navigate their way to a newly improved approach for the betterment of their learners. We actively engage with families, school management, and students with the common goal of skyrocketing their academic growth.

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