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Focus Edumatics is a technology-driven EdTech company that has gained prominence for offering strategic technological solutions in the field of education and software development. Focus Edumatics develops user-centric, e-learning products by adopting diversified, cutting-edge technology to improve the teaching-learning process. We also build robust products in the fields of e-governance, healthcare, and security domains.

Focus Edumatics is the parent company of its new entities, Nuage EdTech Pvt.Ltd and ScribeEmr Systems Pvt.Ltd, which cater to e-learning content development and medical scribing needs. We also offer our service to EdTech ventures and build their dreams in our knowledge centers. Focus Edumatics, through its US-based B2B products, entered the K12 segment in 2012. Now it has 1000+ schools and 300,000 students to its credit by offering a redefined learning experience. FEV Tutor is our award-winning, online tutoring platform that has grabbed a considerable amount of market share in the USA over the past seven years.

We offer agile and customizable products that range from 1:1 AI-supported online tutoring platforms to proctoring systems to learning management systems. Our products include FEV Tutor (Online Tutoring Platform), Tutor Guru (Online coding platform), FEV Proctor (Online proctoring tool), FEV Learn (Learning management system), FEV Tutor AI (AI-based tutoring platform), and FEVMath (AI-based on-demand math app). Our customers are our obsession, and we solve their everyday challenges with our simplified yet prolific solutions.


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Our management team comprises learning enthusiasts who are equally passionate about delivering engaging and high-quality learning experiences and business innovation. The management team drives the culture of on-time delivery of quality services within the agreed project budget.

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Employee Stories

Employees are our strength and we motivate them to accelerate their own learning while they work passionately with the single-minded focus of creating engaging learning experiences. Hear from some of our employees.

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