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Software Development

For more than 15+ years in the industry, we are recognized for offering diversified software development solutions for organizations ranging from schools to big corporate giants. We offer scalable custom software development, artificial intelligence solutions, learning management systems, and enterprise application development services for the field of online education.

Software development
Content development

Content Development

We offer bespoke course design and content development services for schools, colleges, universities, and big corporations. Our subject matter experts work hand in hand with your leadership team to design an effective curriculum that is apt for your students' intellectual growth. By understanding your instructional academic needs, we design a curriculum that is advanced, high-yielding, and interdisciplinary. Our experts make sure it best fits your online and brick-and-mortar tutoring needs. Also, we ensure a course is student-centric and outcome-driven by adding cutting-edge technology to our course recipe. Our subject matter experts will work closely with your faculty members throughout the planning, design, production, and implementation process. We custom-make course plans based on your pedagogical approach, prioritizing quality above all else.


The global pandemic has proved that we need new tutoring solutions that are not hindered by lockdown. To ensure uninterrupted learning, we offer a variety of online tutoring solutions for students that combine the power of human tutors with technology. We offer students 1:1 and 1: many-centered personalized teaching solutions that cater to their varied learning styles. We handpick certified professionals and make use of conversational AI technology to teach learners in a futuristic way. Live sessions, videos, and high-quality instructional content available on our platform help students learn synchronously and asynchronously. Our list of personalized tutoring options includes human tutors, AI tutor, and a combination of both. Based on the subjects and the grade levels, we tailor-make our teaching-learning process to be student and faculty-friendly. Our platforms offer personalized, group, and on-demand tutoring solutions for various US-based curricula.

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We offer secure and reliable remote proctoring solutions for online exam supervision. The rise of online education demands a proctoring system that is up to date for today’s needs. Our human-centric proctoring system ensures students and invigilators have a pleasant test-taking and invigilating experience.

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