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FEV Learn is a fully-featured learning management system based on the highly popular Moodle technology that helps to streamline and automate learning. It is a highly customizable software platform focused on bringing all major aspects of teaching and learning together across a wide range of organizations, from K-12 schools, universities, to large corporations. The salient features of FEV Learn include course design, content creation, curriculum management, communication tools, and evaluation tools. Institutions can now achieve individualized approach, detailed reporting, and specialized learning in a cost-and time-efficient manner. FEV Learn is suitable for all types of online learning, ranging from self-paced certification programs to instructor-led blended learning courses.

FEV Learn is a platform intended to offer students a specialized learning experience. It has a highly intuitive student dashboard to help learners keep track of their sessions, learning progress, course schedule, and completion. Students can pick up a program, learn in hierarchical order, and have a personal learning path for progressive knowledge development. For instructors, it’s easy to assign a course, post quizzes and assignments, conduct an online exam, create discussion forums, evaluate performance, communicate feedback, and remediate their students in a truly personalized way. Administrators can create and manage departments, users, courses, learning paths, programs, feedback, forums, online exams, and certifications in a hassle-free way. They can also make use of the state-of-the-art reporting and dashboarding features to track, assess, and monitor progress across skills as well as schedule automatic updates to various stakeholders regularly. Thus, FEV Learn is your one application to bring all aspects of learning and teaching together.

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