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Tutor Guru is a revolutionary online learning platform built to offer K-12 students holistic coding proficiency and make them future industry-ready tech leaders. The prime purpose of Tutor Guru is to offer on-demand and personalized aid for students through experts to achieve authentic intellectual engagement. Tutor Guru is the one-stop application to get unparalleled, all-inclusive learning in coding and app development. Our certified coding professionals with years of industry experience offer live1:1 online coding lessons and cater to the unique learning patterns of our students. Our platform encourages budding coders to learn hands-on to ensure long-term retention of the concepts. We achieve this by offering them an individualized learning approach. Through our well-crafted and age-appropriate curriculum, we help students improve their logical and critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Students can take a trial, explore and choose from a wide range of courses based on their proficiency level. They can track their progress at every stage of learning and secure a completion certificate seamlessly. Parents can follow their children’s progress at the click of a button and be well informed about the outcomes. Tutor Guru offers Block coding for grades k-5, Python for grades 6-12 and HTML/CSS/Javascript for grades 6-12. By offering cutting-edge, high-quality instructional content, we make our learners ready for the technology-dependent world.

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