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Focus Edumatics

Proctoring Service

We offer secure and reliable remote proctoring solutions for online exam supervision. The rise of online education demands a proctoring system that is up to date for today’s needs. Our human-centric proctoring system ensures students and invigilators have a pleasant test-taking and invigilating experience. By utilizing the aspects of AI technology and human proctors, our application makes 1:1 and 1: many supervision seamless and trouble-free. Students can take their tests anywhere at any time online or on-campus with the help of the internet and experience a whole new level of test-taking.

With our application, we ensure merit earned online is credible and is apt for your student’s online knowledge verification. By working closely with the best content management systems and survey management systems, we help you streamline exam administration. We are increasing the standards of exam supervision by offering a platform that supports both live and recorded sessions. Schedule, monitor, and pull reports stress-free by using our application and get access to round-the-clock technical assistance on request.

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