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Tutoring Service

The global pandemic has proved that we need new tutoring solutions that are not hindered by lockdown. To ensure uninterrupted learning, we offer a variety of online tutoring solutions for students that combine the power of human tutors with technology. We offer students 1:1 and 1: many-centered personalized teaching solutions that cater to their varied learning styles. We handpick certified professionals and make use of conversational AI technology to teach learners in a futuristic way. Live sessions, videos, and high-quality instructional content available on our platform help students learn synchronously and asynchronously. Our list of personalized tutoring options includes human tutors, AI tutor, and a combination of both. Based on the subjects and the grade levels, we tailor-make our teaching-learning process to be student and faculty-friendly. Our platforms offer personalized, group, and on-demand tutoring solutions for various US-based curricula.

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