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Under the Guidance of our Illustrious leadership team

Chairman & Executive leader

Anirudh Baheti

Chairman & Executive Leader

Anirudh Baheti is the chief executive officer of FEV Tutor.Inc/Focus Care Inc/Focus Eduvation and the chairman of Scribe EMR Inc. He has been playing a vital role in the Focus group of companies since its inception. He blends ground-breaking technology with highly efficient deliverables to meet the current market needs. He has dedicated the entirety of his professional life to creating cutting-edge e-learning products in the areas of the K-12 learner market and higher education for students' academic accomplishments. His contributions have now advanced in the field of health care. Through his medical scribing and health care risk assessment services, more than 200 premier healthcare corporations and hospitals benefit nationwide. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Finance.

President and CEO

Mr. U K Rana

President and CEO

Mr. U K Rana, a pioneer in the computer education business, joined the Focus group of companies as the president and CEO in 2011. He is currently presiding over three diversified divisions within the company. A veteran entrepreneur with 3 decades of leadership experience in an array of fields is indeed an admirable leader and forerunner. With a profound knowledge of education and the IT sector, he has trained more than 1,00,000 students to be industry-ready. Mr. U. K. Rana has been successful and highly skilled in sales, entrepreneurship, operation management, business development, project management, stakeholder management, strategic partnerships, and managing global cross-cultural teams. With all his expertise, he masterly takes care of business development through inside sales, online tutoring for K12 and higher education, and software consulting services. As the chief executive officer, he refines our operations to be impeccable and prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else, and leads by example. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Technology, and an MBA in Operation Management.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Muthukumar Rajaram

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Muthukumar has twenty-five years of IT experience in architecting, managing, and leading technology teams of various sizes. He has diversified and global leadership experience while working in organizations like IBM, TCS, Wipro and worked in mid-sized organizations and startups. He has a proven track record of success with product management, solution selling and team management. Prior to joining Focus Edumatics, he was the Co-Founder and CTO of Xernes Technologies. Muthukumar has his master’s degree in Physics from Bharathidasan University and MBA (Finance) from Madurai Kamaraj University. His hobbies are reading, playing indoor games, and social service.

Associate Vice President, Software Development

Dr. Rajib Bhattacharya

Associate Vice President, Software Development

Dr. Rajib Bhattacharya is an assistant vice president (Technical) of Focus Edumatics and senior project manager for Focus Eduvation. A former research scholar with decades of experience in research and project development, he has been an integral part of developing successful web-based and mobile-based products. He is an expert programmer and a pro in languages like C, Java, Objective C, .Net, PHP, and mobile platforms like iOS (iPhone+ iPad), Blackberry, and Android. Experimenting with text-driven development excites him, and so he develops contemporary, agile solutions for everyday business challenges. With a flair for team management and problem-solving, he builds and sets up SCRUM teams from scratch. He currently heads a variety of business applications. He holds a Ph.D. in Immunology from the Indian Institute of Chemical Biology.

Tutoring -Operations head

Nirajan Kumar Srinivasan

Operations Head, Tutoring

Nirajan Kumar Srinivasan is the current associate vice president of tutoring operations at Focus Edumatics Pvt. Ltd. His wealth of experience and skills in managerial roles make him an apt leader for the operations and content development sectors. He is a versatile leader who has experience working in multiple domains. With an eye for detail, quality, and excellence, he now takes care of customer relations, HR team, training, development, staff management, employee appraisals, budget, client, and project management. Through his dynamic leadership, he ensures the successful completion of projects. He has mastered the art of handling various projects in content development for different states in the US. He also plays a crucial role in identifying projects and has accomplished signing government, private, and retail sector tutoring and content development projects. He is a product of Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science and holds a Master's degree in Mathematics.

Product head

Rohit Agarwal

Product Head, Innovative Solutions

Rohit Agarwal is currently the Product Head at Focus Edumatics, leading the design and development of key strategic new products for the US K12 education market. He is a seasoned product management professional with an analytical and customer-centric approach, backed by 13+ years of industry experience across education and healthcare, at companies ranging in size from large MNCs to startups. Throughout his career, he has led many product portfolios by analysing market opportunity, understanding customer requirements, building minimum viable products, operationalising go-to-market plans and scaling up sales through successful marketing campaigns. He holds a B.E. degree in Electronics and Communication from RVCE Bangalore and a P.G. Diploma in Management from IIM Bangalore.

Finance manager & company secretary

Kunal Bachhawat

Currently, working with Focus Group, as Finance Manager & Company Secretary. He pursued a career in finance and has an extensive 10 years of experience working in different sectors, such as IT, health care, and education. Having worked with large multinational companies such as Oracle, DRG, etc, he has managed the finance processes and established best practices in reporting. He uses his wholesome experience gained to lead our team with strategic initiatives to augment profitability. His demonstrated knowledge of developing the operating budget is a boon to the team. He is adept at finding cost reduction opportunities, and takes care of reports, analyzing targets, and cash flow. In a nutshell, he efficiently takes care of the financial health of the organization. He holds a degree in B.Com (Hons), ACA, and ACS.

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