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Focus Edumatics


FEV Tutor AI is a virtual tutoring platform developed to teach math to K-12 students. The distinguishing feature of the product is that it utilizes the power of conversational artificial intelligence to deliver math concepts without the need for a human tutor. The idea is to offer every child a personalized one-on-one learning experience by understanding their unique needs. By choosing a standardized or customized learning path, a student can sign in, choose the subjects, learn the concepts in depth, track their progress, and upgrade their skills anywhere, anytime. Every student is encouraged to take a baseline assessment test to understand their current math proficiency levels.

Based on the test results, the AI coach will assign an individualized learning pathway that is apt for the student’s intellectual progress. As a result, students can learn the concepts at their own pace and not be rushed through chapters. They can chat with AI in real-time and learn the concepts visually and contextually. Parents and instructors can monitor students' performance at every stage of learning on their specialized dashboards. Our app offers high-quality instructional content that is designed to meet the common core and other US state curricula. We are working on introducing English and science subjects too, to augment our offering in the near future.

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