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Our Story

Focus Edumatics, which was established as an outsourcing solution provider two decades ago, has now blossomed into a renowned EdTech company. It all started with our leader, who saw the potential for online education way back in those days and persevered to bring brand new teaching-learning solutions. Our chairman, Mr. Anirudh Baheti, decided to offer an innovative approach to the already existing self-paced learning programs that lacked face-to-face human interaction. With his expertise, he blended innovative technology with high-quality learning and laid a 'new path' for tutoring that ensured one-on-one human interaction. He reimagined learning solutions and created a tutoring platform that stood out from traditional models.

Through research and ardent efforts, the Focus group entered the learning space in 1999 with the mantra 'Innovate,' Educate 'and' Elevate’. Since then, it has partnered with schools, colleges, universities, government, and corporate organizations to offer effective learning strategies, curriculum, and skill enhancement courses.

Focus Edumatics is the offshore arm of the US-based Focus Eduvation and FEV Tutor. For more than 15 years, our company has been offering K12 tutoring solutions in the US. Our product FEV Tutor has been awarded the best tutoring solution by EdTech Digest's-Cool Tool 2021 award and is one of the finalists for the CODiE award. A company that was started as a solution provider has now transformed into a technology-driven EdTech company that is backed by AI technology. Now, Focus Edumatics is embarking on a myriad of new sectors like healthcare, e-governance, and security domains.

Our new line of education services includes online coding, online proctoring, AI-based tutoring, learning management systems, and more for K12 and higher education. The global pandemic challenged us to change, adapt, and think better to offer uninterrupted teaching-learning solutions. We are a passionate team fixated on our goal of reaching many sectors and transforming lives with our AI-based solutions.

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