6 easy ways to use your LMS for Blended learning

For those involved in the educational field, finding ways to use your Learning Management System (LMS) for blended learning can be a bit of a challenge. However, according to ScienceDirect.com, the widespread use of LMS for blended learning is inevitable. That said, the following is an overview of six ways to use your LMS for blended learning.

1. Centralized Learning

In an age in which the world is becoming progressively more digital every day, finding ways to simplify various processes is essential. By using an LMS to help manage your blended learning courses, you can easily compile things such as student information, grades, assignments, and more.

2. Social Learning

Additionally, social learning, or coming together to learn things on the Internet, is also becoming popular among those who opt for more unconventional learning methods. Commonly referred to as e-learning, this method of using your LMS can help keep track of social learning sessions on blogs, podcasts, message boards, social media sites, and more.

3. Allows Students More Immediate Access To Teachers And Professors

It can be difficult for the faculty and administration to keep track of the conversations of the various students they interact with on the daily basis. However, using an LMS will make it easier for the students to reach you and vice versa. Furthermore, it allows you to keep a written log of each conversation.

4. Online Assessments

In addition, using an LMS for distance blended learning also makes it possible to conduct online assessments. Using the LMS to create various exams can be a great method of assessing your students’ skill sets while allowing you to keep track of their progress over time.

5. Reinforced Learning

Moreover, the next most important element of learning lies in the act of repetition. Using an LMS allows instructors to send out periodic study sheets, updates, and the like as a means of ensuring their students are periodically engaging with the material.

6. Increase Engaged Learning

In the age of fast facts and short attention spans, finding ways to engage your student is the best way to help them retain information. Using an LMS gives your student more control over when they study. Moreover, according to EdTechReview.com, 59% of teachers assert students are more motivated to learn in a blended learning environment.

Overall, there are many ways to use an LMS for blended learning. Given that 50% of classes are projected to be online by 2019 (EdTechReview.com), utilizing an LMS is an excellent method of preparing students for the future of education: blended learning.

Author: Dr. Anne-Marie Fiore

Dr. Fiore is a highly technological curriculum specialist who champions student achievement and faculty development, fostering an environment of continuous improvement and consistently exceeding performance goals. Proactive leader and team player with proven success in building effective partnerships and elevating instructional practices through innovative curriculum design. Anne-Marie combines ability in online teaching with learning and development methodologies to create high performing academic teams. Dr. Fiore has a long record of accomplishment for applying business and quantitative acumen and is adept at using data to ensure operational excellence and quality of online programs.


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